OUR THOMAS FAMILY: Table of Contents


Through DNA, several Thomas lines that deadended in North Carolina now connect to a large family with roots believed going back to early York County, Virginia. Will the research prove this belief?

Benjamin Thomas of Anson NC

Traditionally believed to be the son of Stephen Thomas from Maryland, Benjamin is my Brick Wall with recent DNA connections reaching beyond.

  • WHO I AM – About me, my DNA, and why I do not connect to the family of Stephen Thomas
  • STAY FOR A WHILE – My GGGrandfather David Thomas’ neighbor was a Jewish man whose life story was very interesting.
  • CAKE AND A PIECE OF GOLD – A continuation, my GGGrandfather’s neighbor’s aunt was Marie Antoinette’s maid of honor.
  • TURNING THE PAGE AND A NEW TOY – Judah Benjamin, a Jewish man and treasurer of the Confederate States offered an Affidavit on behalf of Moses Kiusko.
  • THE START OF SOMETHING BIG – The Revolutionary War ended at a time when Benjamin Thomas and other settled on Richardson Creek.
  • RELIGION ON GOURDVINE (PT 1) – Location of the Edmond Davis Cemetery in relation to the David Thomas lands and others on Gourdvine Creek.
  • RELIGION ON GOURDVINE (PT 2) – A deed of land indicating a very early Baptist Church once stood near a ford crossing the creek near the Edmond Davis Cemetery.
  • IF ONLY WE COULD TALK – A mesmerizing photo of the second wife of David Thomas of Chester County SC.
  • MY THOMAS FAMILY – The last will and testament and tombstone of my GGGGrandfather Ananias Thomas of Union County NC.
  • A DAY WITH MS. ANNIE LEE – A bit on one of my mentors for all things Anson County as she leads me to the home place of John R Thomas.
  • THE JOSEPH NEWSOME BIBLE – The family bible containing birth and death records of Joseph Newsome family including daughter Alice, my GGGrandmother.
  • MY QUAKER HERITAGE – It’s not often that your family has a member whose image is captured on a Staffordshire plate pattern.
  • A TRIP TO GETTYSBURG – My Great Grandfather’s brother Hampton Thomas was intion a unit that advanced furthest of any at Gettysburg, but is it so?
  • PUAH: A NAME WITH MEANING – How a family name honors the abolition movement at the height of the civil war.
  • CONNECTING OUR THOMAS FAMILY TO WAKE (PT. 1) – A quick look at Thomas lands in Anson and introducing the possibility of a tie to Wake NC.
  • CONNECTING OUR THOMAS FAMILY TO WAKE (PT. 2) – A reminder of past beliefs and challenge to look closely at records in Wake


Thomas family who relate either through DNA or documentation and yet cannot connect with a family in North Carolina.

  • A WINDOW OPENS – DNA connects the Thomas family of Anson, Chatham, and Moore with a family though Russell, Coosa and Bibb Alabama.
  • HELLO OUT THERE – Thomas DNA connections with a family in Alabama having connects beyond belief.
  • OTHERS – Thomas family living in Wake County NC closely connected by record but yet considered related to our Thomas family.  Are they?
  • DESCENDANTS OF ASA THOMAS – A person who once lived in Anson, served in the Rev. War, is a neighbor of family in Wake, and yet not related?
  • WHERE TO GO FROM HERE – A MATTHEWS family record in Wake NC possibly connecting to the Thomas family, are they ours?