HilleryThe 1790 Wake County census enumerates Hillery Thomas as not white, and not slave, but as two “others.”  He is enumerated right in the middle of our THOMAS family and also near Etheldred Jones.  Hillery may have been Native American, but could have been a mix or free black:

Etheldred Jones        1-4-0-0-5

Frederick Davidson   1-0-0-0-0

Henry Wheeler          1-2-2-0-0

Hardy Johnson           1-0-1-0-0

Hardy Lilley                1-3-4-0-0

Hillery Thomas          0-0-0-2-0

James Moss                2-1-3-0-0

Jefre Lewis                  2-5-2-0-0

John Strickland Sr      1-1-5-0-0

Jonathon Thomas      1-2-2-0-0

John Stinson               1-2-3-0-0

Looking at the southern portion of the Markham map of Wake County land grants (at the top of the page), you’ll see in blue what appears to be the lands of Hillard Thomas.  Not dated, this has always puzzled me because there’s no land grant, deed, or court record in Wake County for the name Hillard, Dillard or Hillery Thomas!  ….hmmm, Hilliard?  Wasn’t there a Mourning Pope who married William Hilliard before marrying a Joseph Thomas?  Could Hillery be an emancipated slave ….or other?

In Franklin County to the north of Wake, the 1810 census enumerates Lettice Thomas as head of household for four others. Some suggest Lettice is the widow of Hillery Thomas of Wake and that Hillery’s offspring are shown in the 1810 Franklin County census.lettice.jpg

I would normally brush this off, but then there’s the last will and testament of Redmon Matthews (previous post) that names Micajah Thomas and is witnessed by Nathan (L) Thomas. Redmon names his brother David and his mother Lettice! What’s more, the will is also witnessed by Valentine Austin. Valentine was Hiwassee Saponi and was also identified as Melungeon (see family page) in numerous records. Valentine purchased land on Neill’s Creek (identified in red above)  from William Love.

Cool stuff, huh?  Well it’s just starting to get good, so hold on! Note that in Wake County there is an Asa Thomas who never owns land, but who’s clearly identified in many records.  Asa was listed on court ordered road work and was a chain bearer for several grants issued to none other than Nathan Thomas.  Normally chain bearers were family or someone close who walked with the surveyor and who could testify in the event of land disputes.

Asa Thomas married Pleasant Matthews, the daughter of Joseph and Ann Mathews as named in Joseph’s last will and testament dated January 1791. Joseph lived just south of Wake County on Neill’s Creek.

On 15 May 1854, David Thomas of Wake County applied for a Revolutionary War Pension on behalf of the services of his father Asa Thomas. Himself being 73 years of age, David Thomas named both his mother Pleasant Matthews Thomas and his only other surviving sibling named Charity, wife of Alsey Matthews of Cumberland County.  David Thomas stated that he had “been informed and verily believes that his farther [sic, father] the said Asa Thomas served as a Continental soldier in the Revolutionary war, a period of two years and upwards, that he entered the service of the United States from Wake County in the State aforesaid, that after the conclusion of said war he removed to Anson County in the State aforesaid where he died about five1 [?] years ago, the exact date not recollected by said declarant.” Asa Thomas appears in the 1810 Anson County census as:record-image_33S7-9YY6-STTF.jpg

And, in the 1850 census, David Thomas is enumerated in southern Wake County as:record-image_S3HY-6SX7-F85.jpg

This story should rightfully end at this point if it were not for an inquiry years ago about information I might have on a person named Hezekiah Bryant. Hezekiah Bryan (Bryant) lived in North Carolina, served in the revolutionary war and then removed to Tennessee. There, in Marshall County, Hezekiah Bryan applied for a Pension for Services in the Revolutionary War. Hezekiah’s pension request is rich in information including the fact he had lived in the home of Etheldred Jones where he learned the trade of blacksmithing!   And, even more interesting, the pension clearly connects to Asa Thomas of Wake:

As a private in company commanded by Colonel Coulston (Goldston), his unit was raised soon after Gates was defeated at Camden. He went first as a substitute for Asa Thomas who had been drafted. He was received into service on Deep River on which river the Corps to which he belonged was raised. He served under commander Goldston for three months. During the period he frequently was engaged in scouting parties in pursuit if Tories which were in the neighborhood of American Soldiers. And when his duty had expired, he received discharge from his commanding officer for a tour of duty not less than six months. Hezikiah could not state the precise dates as he gave the papers to Asa Thomas.

He served second in place of Frank Jones as a twelve month man in a unit raised in Wake County. The unit was commanded by Capt. Dixon and Lieutenant Dickson, as commanded by a Col. Dickson under General Greene. He entered service as private at Granville Court House in Jun 1782. The unit marched through Hillsboro, Guilford and Rowan counties before going to the hills of Santee in South Carolina. He remained there about two months and then marched to Fort Thompson where he met up with the American Army while in pursuit of the British before the battle of Eutaw. Though under the command of Green, he was not immediately engaged as he served in the rear guards. Hezekiah marched back to the Hills of Santee. Recrossing the Santee, he passed the Edisto River to a place called Round-O and then to a place called Pow-Pow and soon after to Bacon Bridge on Ashley River above Charleston. They marched back to Camden and then to Charlotte, North Carolina. From there he marched through Salisbury and the Guilford Courthouse where his twelve months of service expired.

Following the war, Hezekiah Bryant lived in Mecklenburg County about 25 miles from Charlotte. He married Mary Powell about the year 1786 at the house of John Furr. Later Mary applied for a widow’s pension on 12 Apr 1850 stating “she was married on the 24th day of September, in the year seventeen hundred and eighty five or six, that she was married to the said Hezekiah Bryan at the house of her father John Powell…” She stated that the meeting house was located near the home of her father. After publication of bonds according to law at Haynes Meeting House, they were married by a Rev. Mr. Neussman, a Baptist Clergyman.

As it turns out Rev. Adolphus Nussman was the first Lutheran missionary and minister in the state of North Carolina.  And, from the journal of Rev. David Henkel, it’s known that he too preached at Haynes Meeting House.  David Henkel is responsible for the split of the North Carolina synod and formation of the Tennessee synod.

For me, this is seriously intensely remarkable. While walking lands in support of a personal mapping project in southern Cabarrus County, I stumbled upon an ancient cemetery  that folks related as being of little worth. Described in deeds as located on “Meeting House Branch nigh the Baptist Church,” it turns out that the old abandoned cemetery is the site of Haynes Meeting House.  And, it sat amongst land grants issued to those who had earlier removed from Wake County NC.

 (see #7 on the plat map below and then learn more
about the land from the link to legal descriptions).

Legal Descriptions

One last observation.  Hezekiah Bryant bought land from Bonner Bird just north and west of present day Bethel UMC in Cabarrus.  Bonner Bird eventually moved to Burke County NC.  But, prior to living in Cabarrus, Bonner was enumerated in the 1790 Wake County census.

In this post I’ve covered what I know of other THOMAS families who once lived in southern Wake County. But there’s more, and it’s time to put this post to sleep.  Stay tuned for more on Asa, Nathan and another Thomas family from Wake County NC.


We’ve looked at the early THOMAS lands in Wake County and weighed the possibility that a Jacob Thomas in Wake is the same one who shows up later in Anson County NC.   The family of Joseph Thomas is about to move a few miles south from Wake where they would settle on the Caper Fear along the county line of Chatham and Moore.

Before tracing the Joseph Thomas family further, records are screaming at me that there’s more to see and understand in Wake County. The name Joseph Thomas traces back so easily to Bertie County and I’m afraid that others in the same family migration have been ignored. And, as DNA now links me to this early place and time, I really want to search all options in order to learn as much as possible about my family. So, where to start?

Dated 17 December 1796, Redmond Matthews wrote his last will and testament and bequeathed a bay horse called Richmond to Micajah Thomas. The will is witnessed by Nathan (L) Thomas (jurat) and Valentine Austin. As Micajah is likely the son of our Joseph Thomas, who is this Nathan Thomas?  And, who is Asa and Jonathan Thomas who also lived nearby?

will 1

Last Will and Testament of Redmond Matthews


In the past few posts I’ve identified the THOMAS lands in upper Anson County, raised the possibility that our ancestor Benjamin Thomas may have somehow been related to a Jacob Thomas who also owned nearby land in Anson, and identified a possible path back to a Thomas family whose DNA matches ours and whose story in Wake County overlooks a clue to Jacob Thomas in Anson. As the search light has yet to be focused on the life of Jacob Thomas in Anson County, let’s go there before offering a conclusion based on the findings.

jacoba.jpgSo who was Jacob Thomas of Anson County? Entered 20 April 1779 and issued 14 October 1783, this Jacob Thomas was issued grant #4451 for 100 acres on the south side of Rocky River on the southeast side of Richardson Creek.
jacobb.jpgThe land was near the present day crossing of Hwy 742 around what’s called Green’s or Hudson’s branch and adjoined or was near the lands owned by Joachim Hudson, William Morris, William May, John Wright, Asa Baucom, and William Curlee. The chain bearers for this grant were Joachim Hudson and Thomas Gilbert. There’s no other land or court record for this Jacob Thomas and he may appear in record only one more time. In the 1790 Anson County census, a Jacob Thomas is enumerated next to Frederick Taylor as 1 male over 16, one male under 16 and 3 females. He’s not near Benjamin Thomas and is his location cannot be readily gleaned from the census.census.jpg

The only clues we have are in the strong naming tradition of “Jacob Thomas” used by generations of descendants of Benjamin Thomas. That, and in Thomas Gilbert as being chain bearer. Note that Thomas is the brother of Jesse Gilbert and Jesse married to Sarah Green 28 February 1764 in Edgecombe County. Thomas married Eady Weatherford who was from the family of William and Hillikiah Weatherford. Jesse died in Anson and Thomas Gilbert moved with others including Culpepper and Greed to GA. The first court in Laurens County was held in the home of Major Thomas and the first Grand Jury was: Benjamin Adams, Benjamin Brown, William, Boykin, Robert Daneil, Joseph Denson, BENJAMIN DORSEY, Simon Fowler, Henry Fulgham, John Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Leonard Green, Edward Hagan, Andrew Hampton, Charles Higdon, Mark May, Gideon Mays, George Martin, William McCall, Charles Stringer, John Speight, James Sarten, Jesse Stephens, Samuel Stanley, Samuel Sparks, George Tarvin, Joseph Vickers, Jesse Wigins, Nathan Weaver, David Watson, Joseph Yarborough, William Yarbrough.

For Jacob Thomas in Anson, there’s no smoking gun, no proof solid evidence that he’s our guy. However, Jacob Thomas is living amongst others who had migrated from or through Wake County from further north in Bertie/Edgecombe Counties. And in Wake County there is a Jacob who lived near to and joined road crews with other Thomas family who we now connect via DNA. The Clerk of Court’s office in Wake burned and therefore we have no record of Jacob buying or selling land. He’s there in early 1770’s and disappears just in time to be the Jacob who shows up in Anson to enter land there in 1779. It’s my belief he is either the father or brother to Benjamin Thomas of Anson.


grants - CopyA person by the name of Jacob Thomas appears in the earliest court records of Wake County as one of several men ordered to work under Nathan Rowland on a road from Terrible Creek to the Cumberland County line.    The order reads:

Ordered that Nathan ROLAND be overseer of the road from Terrible Creek, to Cumberland line, and that the following persons work under him viz. William ROLAND, Etheldred JONES, William JONES, Role STEDSEON, William WAMMACK, Jacob THOMAS and Smiths BATTEMORE.  1st Tuesday, December 1771, Book A-1, Page 22.

One year later, Joseph Thomas first appears in the records of Wake County as member of a Jury of local citizens ordered to lay off a road that was likely an extension of the road where Jacob Thomas had worked:

Ordered that the following Persons be appointed a Jury to lay of a Road from James Quantocks to the County line agreeable to the Order passed last Court (towit)  Jacob Utley, James Quantock, Christopher Woodward, Lewis Jones, Landman Short, Francis Settles, Christopher Osborn, William Barker, Henry Day, James Holland, Richard Green, Anthony Holland, Lazarus Hood, Joseph THOMAS, and that John Utley be appd. Constable to summons said Jury.

There are no further court records or deeds in the name of Jacob Thomas and he was never issued a land grant in Wake County. However, the location of Jacob’s living in Wake County can be gleaned from a land grant issued to William Jones. Being grant # 973 in Wake County, William Jones was issued 200 acres in the fork of Neill’s Creek. The grant was entered 27 May 1779 by Daniel OLDhands (Oldham) and on 16 Jul 1785, Daniel Oldhands assigned the grant to William Jones who it was finally issued to on 15 May 1787.

S762916072707550From the original entry book and as written in the survey below, the 200 acres was located “on the fork of Niel’s Creek including an improvement made by Jacob Thomas.” From the illustration at the top of this page, you can see William Jones’ 200 acres colored in green. You can compare the information to the survey below. You can also locate the road where Jacob, Joseph and other members of the THOMAS family once worked.

S762916072707550It’s my belief this Jacob Thomas is somehow related to Joseph and others who lived in and around Wake County.  It’s my belief he walked the road a few miles south to the ferry where he crossed the Cape Fear and likely never returned. He obviously lived on the land granted to Daniel Oldham who later assigned it to William Jones. And after doing so, the record of Jacob Thomas in Wake and surrounding area dies. Jacob could have purchased, sold or otherwise lived on lands in Wake, though such records are lost due to the 1832 fire in the office of the Wake County Clerk of Court.



There’s John and Joseph Thomas in early Bertie County NC.  Actually, there seems to be lots of them and there’s a pretty good record trail leading their descendants south and west from Bertie to Johnston and Wake Counties NC.  It seems for many, family is identified by what line out of these men named Joseph Thomas one descends. But for me, my ancestor is named Benjamin who showed up in 1778 Anson County NC and had sons David, Ezekiel, Ananias, Jacob, and Benjamin Jr. This Benjamin of mine must have been driven more by religion than the family name ….makes sense?  And I’d guess, based on his children’s names, that he was strongly influenced by the Baptist movement. Do I hear an amen? 

For more than 30 years many people have proclaimed that Benjamin of Anson was the son of prominent Stephen Thomas who removed from Maryland to a location in old Anson County further east.  But, I’m here to tell you that a close study of deeds and court records blows this notion all to pieces.  Also, this understanding is made indisputably false by way of DNA testing.  There’s no family tie …at all! So who is my Benjamin’s daddy? 

All the while, there in Anson County, there’s a Jacob Thomas who acquired land near Benjamin two years before Benjamin himself bought land from Gideon Green. Could this Jacob be the father of Benjamin?  Or was he a brother? We can only guess. And greatly adding to this clue, recent DNA testing has solidly linked the Benjamin Thomas family of Anson NC to the family of Joseph Thomas who once lived in Wake before moving to Chatham and then possibly to Moore County NC.

We have new family. We know there are a lot of us in Anson, Union, and Stanly Counties.  But folks, there’s a pile of us as large or larger to our north in Moore, Chatham and Wake. And like Jacob Thomas hidden amongst the record of our Thomas family in Anson, there was a Jacob too in Wake County whose record is fainter yet. And yes, there were men named Jacob Thomas living in Bertie County whose fathers had names like Joseph.

It’s times like this that I wish I knew my Bible better.  I’d love to tell a story of a father named Joseph. And, of Jacob who quietly went about life without being noticed.


The map below locating THOMAS lands in old Anson County is not meant to be highly accurate. However, the locations indicated are closely identified by land grants and deeds.

thomasThe Thomas family in old upper Anson (now also in Union) settled along the waters of Richardson Creek.  Past history holds to the belief that Benjamin Thomas is our family’s earliest known ancestor. His first appearance in the records of Anson County was as chain carrier for two grants issued to Gideon Green:

Grant #4324, Anson NC, to Gideon Green. Ent 15 Jun 1779, Sur 15 Jun 1779, Iss 11 Oct 1783. For 150 acres south of Rocky River and situated on both sides of Richardson’s Creek. One of the lines of this survey follows the courses of Walnut Branch. Chainers were Salathiel Clifton and Benjamin Thomas. Grant # 4629,

Anson, to Gideon Green. Ent 15 Jun 1779, Sur 15 Jun 1779, Iss 14 Oct 1783. For 50 acres lying on the south side of Richardson’s Creek. Chainers were Salathiel Clifton and Benjamin Thomas.

Benjamin Thomas would not be a land owner himself until well after the revolutionary war when on 26 October 1785 he purchased Gideon’s grant #4324 above. Benjamin Thomas went on to acquire other lands to the north and south of Richardson Creek in the same area.  He would later deed land along the north side of Richardson Creek to “my son” Ezekiel (Map Key A).  This land continued to be identified as lying on Walnut Tree Branch of Richardson Creek.  And near to the branch is the old THOMAS cemetery (see cross) now gone and planted in crops.  This is also the location of Charity Ford, possibly named for Ezekiel’s wife Charity.

The elder Benjamin Thomas deeded his lands on the south side of Richardson Creek to “my son” Ananias (Map Key B). East of Gourdvine Creek, the lands were close to an old Baptist Church near the Edmond Davis Cemetery where Ananias Thomas is buried.

David Thomas, believed strongly to be the son of Benjamin Thomas acquired grants of land along the Flag Fork of the Watery Branch (Map Key C). There’s no record stating specifically that David is the son of Benjamin. However, David named a son Ananias and Benjamin’s son Ananias named a son David.   The honoring by name shows relation and it’s always been believed that it signified that David and Ananias were brothers.   Also, David Thomas moved to Chester County SC around 1810 where family remain in part today with others moving to Blount County Alabama. There is also a deed in Chester County SC where David’s brother Ezekiel Thomas is witnessing land transactions from Michael and Gideon Austin.  Michael lived earlier in Anson and his lands were located close to those of David Thomas.

Benjamin’s son Jacob Thomas married the daughter of John and Sarah O’Neal Edwards and began acquiring grants along Crib’s Creek in present day Burnsville (Map Key D).  Jacob is buried in a family cemetery along the fence line at the right angle turn on Jones Pond Road.  However, because the headstones were being destroyed by farming equipment, they were removed across the road to the old Thomas cemetery where slaves and their descendants are buried.

Old Benjamin deeded his son Benjamin Jr. lands north of that deeded to son Ezekiel (Map Key E). Some believe that old Benjamin married the daughter of his contemporary William Gurley. I do not believe this is true as it was Benjamin Thomas Junior who was of right age and who in fact was bequeathed land from William Gurley’s estate.

As far as tradition goes, this is what we know of the family of Benjamin Thomas.  However, there is another THOMAS living nearby whose records will likely open the door to a deepening family history. Two years prior to Benjamin’s purchase of land from Gideon Green, a Jacob Thomas was issued a land grant (Map Key F) in 1783 on the north side of Richardson Creek. Chainbearers were Joacim Hudson and Thomas Gilbert.







for web.jpgOrdered that Nathan ROLAND be overseer of the road from Terrible Creek, to Cumberland line, and that the following persons work under him viz. William ROLAND, Etheldred JONES, William JONES, Role STEDSEON, William WAMMACK, Jacob THOMAS and Smiths BATTEMORE.  1st Tuesday, December 1771, Book A-1, Page 22.

Ordered that the following persons be appointed a Jury to lay off a Road from James Quantocks to the County line agreeable to the order passed last court (towit) Jacob UTLEY, James QUANTOCK, Christipher WOODWARD, Lewis JONES, Landman SHORT, Francis SETTLES, Christopher OSBORN, William BARKER, Henry DAY, James HOLLAND, Richard GREEN, Anthony HOLLAND, Lazarus Wood, Joseph THOMAS, and that John UTLEY be appd. Constable to summons said Jury. 1st Tuesday, December, 1772, Book A-1, Page 45.

Daniel OLDHANDS (name written OLDhands) enters Two Hundred acres of land in Wake County, lying in the fork of NIELS Creek, including an improvement made by Jacob THOMAS. 20 Nov 1778, Land Entry # 720, Wake County NC.

(Map Key O) Land Grant 1003 to Jesse Jones (assignee of Daniel OLDhand), being 600 acres on  the Horsepen branch of Neill’s Creek near Danby’s improvement. Wake County NC, entered 18 March 1779, issued 15 May 1787.

481(Map Key A) Land Grant 481 to Joseph THOMAS, being 350 acres on both sides of Little White Oak Creek adjoining Lewis LASHLEY line. The warrant states the land adjoins a claim of John UTLEY including improvements by Reuben WISE – the plantation whereon Anthony Holland now lives. Chain Bearers: Anthony HOLLAND, James OLIVE. Wake County NC, entered 27 May 1779, surveyed 13 Jul 1779, issued 11 Apr 1780

482(Map Key B) Land Grant 482 to Joseph THOMAS, being 350 acres on both sides of Little White Oak Creek and Jacob’s Branch Joining a road and the line of James OLIVE. Chain Bearers: Etheldred Jones, Josiah Brown. Wake County NC, entered 2 Jun 1779, surveyed 10 Jul 1779, issued 11 Apr 1780.

35a(Map Key C) Land Grant 450[A] to Joseph THOMAS, being 100 acres on both sides of Little White Oak Creek joining the lands of John Utley. Chain Bearers: John HILL, Anthony OLIVE.  Wake County NC, entered 27 May 1779, surveyed 13 Jul 1779. Issued 11 Apr 1780.

450(Map Key D) Land Grant 450 to Joseph THOMAS, being 100 acres on both sides of White Oak Creek joining the lines of a survey of land purchased by Etheldred Jones from Christopher Osborne including Thomas’ improvement. Chain Bearers Etheldred JONES, John NORRIS. Wake County NC, entered 14 Sep 1780, surveyed 9 Jul 1779, issued 11 Apr 1780.

509(Map Key H) Land Grant 509 to Nathan THOMAS, being 200 acres on both sides of Braswell’s Creek. Chain Bearers John NORRIS, Gerrard STEVENS. Wake County NC entered 27 May 1779, surveyed 5 Jul 1779, issued 11 Apr 1780.

Ordered that George CARTER a poor child and orphan of Wake County be bound Apprentice first day of October last past of the age of eight years of age the said Nathan THOMAS to teach him the trade and occupation of a cooper and perform his duty in every respect comfortable to an act of the General Assembly of this State respecting Apprentices. First Monday of March, 1783, Book 1, Page 248.

A deed from Joseph THOMAS to Lewis LASHLEY was proved in Open Court by the Oath of Drury BURKS? (Burkee) a Witness thereto and Ordered to be Registered. First Monday of June 1783, Book 1, Page 257.

A deed from Joseph THOMAS to Drury BARKER was in Open Court duly proved by the Oath of Lewis LASHLEY a Witness thereto and Ordered to be Registered. First Monday of June 1783, Book 1, Page 258.

A deed from Joseph THOMAS to Ethedred JONES was in Open Court duly proved by the Oath of Bruwell POPE a Witness thereto and Ordered to be Registered. First Monday of June 1783, Book 1, Page 261.

Ordered that the following Persons be a Jury to Lay off a Road leading from Wake Court House to to the Buckhorn Road near John BURKERS towwit; Edward GREEN, Lewis JONES, Philip JONES, Silas GREEN, Solomon SIMMONS, John UTLEY, William SPEIGHT, Christr. OSBORN, William BROWN, William JONES, John TAYLOR, Christr, WOODARD, (issd.); Ordered that the following Persons open said Road towit, Josiah SHORT, John STREATOR, Moses HOWELL, Thomas PEDDY, Jessee JENT, John TAYLOR, David STROHORN, Wyke HONEYCUTT, James SHELTON, Lewis SMITH, Nathan THOMAS issd. First Monday of June 1783, Book 1, Page 266

Scan(Map Key E) Land Grant 886 to Joseph THOMAS (assignee of William Olive) being 300 acres on the south side of Tom Jacks Creek adjoining the County Line and lands of HICKS and TEDDY. Chain Bearers Thomas TEDDER, William BUGG. Wake County NC, entered 30 Sep 1785, surveyed 24 Nov 1783, issued 30 Sep 1785.

1(Map Key F) Land Grant 939 to Joseph THOMAS, being 100 acres on both sides of Little White Oak Creek near a road and adjoins James OLIVE. Chain Bearers Andrew PEDDY, Stuart HAMILTON. Wake County NC, entered 11 Jul, 1783, surveyed 23 Nov 1783, issued 30 September 1785.

957(Map Key G) Land Grant 957 to Joseph THOMAS (assignee of Thomas Tedder) being 200 acres on Tom Jacks Branch including his own improvements and adjoining lands of Thomas HICKS. Chain bearers Isaac HILL, William BUGG. Wake County NC, entered 27 May 1779, surveyed 24 Sep 1783, issued 30 Sep 1785.

Ordered that Richmon LEVENS be Overseer of the Road in the Room of Joseph THOMAS and that the same hands work on said Road as usual. First Monday of December 1787, Book 2, Page 384.

Ordered that the following hands be added to the Road where William HAYES Esq. is Overseer of towit. Joseph THOMAS, Micajah THOMAS, John THOMAS, Joseph THOMAS Junr., and Nathan ALLEN. First Monday of June, 1790, Book 2, Page 424.

A deed from Joseph THOMAS to Abraham BLEDSOE was duly proved in open Court by the Oath of James HUCKABY a Witness thereto and ordered to be Registered. First Monday of June 1791, Book 2, Page 497.

Ordered that Nathan THOMAS be Overseer of the new Road leading to Jca. ATKINS’S ferry, from Segraves to Cumberland County line and that the following hands work on said Road under him (towit);

David JONES, John BURT, William JONES, John JONES, Redman MATTHEWS, Stephen MATHEWS, Asa THOMAS, Jonathan THOMAS, David MATHEWS, Elkin JONES, John SEGRAVES, Daniel BARKER, James Jo__ and their hands. First Monday of June 1791, Book 2, Page 525.

A Deed from Etheldred JONES to Joseph THOMAS was duly proved in Open Court by the Oath of Britain Utley a Witness thereto and ordered to be Registered. First Monday or December, 1791, Book 2, Page 548.

A Deed from Joseph THOMAS to George ____ ____ duly proved in Court by ____ ____ James HUCKEBY a witness thereto and ____.  First Monday of March 1792, Book 2, Page 565.

A Deed from Joseph THOMAS to Stewart HAMILTON was proved in open Court by the Oath and Andrew PEDDY a witness thereto and ordered to be Registered. First Monday of March, 1792, Page 569.

Nathan THOMAS and Benjamin HOLLAND administrators of Jonathan THOMAS decd. returned and Inventory of the estate of the said Jonathan THOMAS, which was duly proved and ordered to be recorded. First Monday of March, 1793, Book 3, Page 41.

Ordered that James GAINES be Overseer of the Road from Chatham County line on the Road leading from Chatham to Wake Court House as far as William SEAGRAVES’S and that the hands of sad James GAINES, and William HAYES, Elijah WATSON, John SELLERS, Joseph THOMAS, Micajah THOMAS, Joshua ELKINS, ad their hands work on said Road under him. First Monday of March 1793, Book 3, Page 49.

Sarah THOMAS Widow & relict of Jonathan THOMAS dec’d. came into Court and relinquished her right of Administration of the Estate of her Deceased husband Jonathan THOMAS, whereupon on motion Administration of the Estate to the said deceased is granted to Nathan THOMAS and Benjamin HOLLAND, who entered into Bond in the sum of L200 and gave Britain SANDERS ad Silas GREEN for their Securities NS Qualified agreeable to Law, at the same time returned an Inventory of the Estate of the deceased which was duly proved and ordered to be recorded. First Monday of March, 1793, Book 3, Page 50.

Ordered that the following hands be added to the Road that Adrew Peddy is overseer of (towit)  Edmund LASHLEY, Daniel OAKS, Edwin STEPHENS, John THOMAS, John NORRIS, Needham NORRIS, James BALLARD, Hardy STEPHENS, Elijah WATSON and their hands. First Monday of December 1793, Book 3, Page 115.

Ordered that Pleasant WOODARD be Overseer of the Road from Thomas GENTS path to Etheldred JONES Plantation on said Road and that the following hands work on said Road under him (towit); John THOMAS, Richard WOODARD, Hardy JOHNSTON, John SEAGRAVES, Thomas JENT, Jesse GENT, William BRYAN, and their hands. First Monday September 1793, Book 3, Page 124.

Ordered that the following Jury, towit; Andrew PEDDY, Thomas Peddy, Elijah WATSON, John BURT, Joseph THOMAS, Joseph THOMAS Junr., Micajah THOMAS, John THOMAS, Daniel OAKS, Stewart HAMILTON, Carnaby STEPHENS, nd Richard HUCKEBY turn the road leading from James GAINES’S esq. to BRASWELL’S Ferry and report thereon to next Court. Third Monday of December 1794, Book 3. Page 192.

Ordered that the following Jury (towit); William COOK, Moses HICKS, Jacob LEVENS, Andrew PEDDY, Yancy THORNTON, Richard HUCCABY, Carnaby Stevens, Rias EDWARDS, B BROWN, William COTTLE, Joseph THOMAS, Micajah THOMAS, William SPIVY, and James HUCCABY or any twelve of them view a piece of road turned by James HUCCABY and report thereon to next Court.  Third Monday of September, 1795, Book 3, Page 264.

1214(Map Key I) Land Grant 1214 to Nathan THOMAS, being 314 acres on the waters of Braswell’s Creek joining his own lands and Silas GREEN and David MATHEWS. Chain Bearers, Jonathan THOMAS, Asa THOMAS. Wake County NC entered 18 Aug 1789, surveyed 21 June 1792, issued 17 Apr 1797.

1215(Map Key J) Land Grant 1215 to Nathan THOMAS, being 200 acres on the waters of Buckhorn Creek joining his own land and that of George WILLIAMS, Silas GREEN and John NORRIS. Chain Bearers Jonathan THOMAS, Asa THOMAS. Wake County NC entered 2 Sep 1788, surveyed 22 Jun 1792, issued 17 Apr 1797.

INSOLVENTS allowed in the District that James HUCKABEE is collector:  Daniel OAKS one poll, Asa THOMAS one poll, William COTTLE two polls, James STRAT one poll, Barnaby BROWN, one poll, Jos COTTLE one poll. Wake County NC, September 1798, Book 4, Page 553.