Here it is the end of August and the winds are threatening the shores of Florida.  As predictable as the storms of late summer, it’s also time to renew interests in family history; a time to get out and increase your understanding of family; and best of all, a time to find new cousins at your favorite family reunion. In this post I’d like to take a little bit of your time to share upcoming events as we move into the very special season of Family. I hope you get involved and look forward to seeing you soon!



In September I look forward to being the presenter the Stanly County Genealogical Society Meeting. The subject will be on the lands of Western Stanly County, a subject that I’ve dedicated much of the past two years researching. I look especially forward to opening the doors to new ways of thinking when researching this old and most unique of places. Here’s a bit on what will be covered as well as specifics on the meeting:


Interested in learning who first lived on the land you call home? In terms of family history, would you like to learn where your GGG-Grandparents lived and who their neighbors were? And, digging a little deeper, who did your ancestors buy land from and what happened to it when they died or moved away? George Thomas will share findings of his in-depth mapping project covering original land ownership for much of western Stanly County. Unique among all the counties in North Carolina, Stanly has a land history rich beyond the norm. It’s all much deeper than what you’ve heard from your elders. Plan on coming early as beginning at 5:30 pm, George will have much of his working land plats out and made available for you to browse.

When: Monday, Sep 23, 6:30-8:00 pm
Where: Stanly County Public Library, Albemarle NC



Have you ever been to a family reunion? If not, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity to learn who you really are, to build new family, and to share in one of the best meals you’ll eat all year!

Last year was the first time I participated in the Burris Family Reunion and bet your dollar I’ll be back!. What a wonderful family gathering; taking place at the heart of who we are and where our family story began. So, come get involved and enjoy this special time meeting new cousins!

This year I’m appreciative to be one of the presenters. I look forward to sharing a little on what I’ve learned about the lands where Solomon and Judith first settled. Note that the subject is pretty darn deep and therefore cannot be told in a way that’s suitable for a reunion. It’s just too much information. Therefore, in preparation I’ll dedicate the next post to a discussion of Solomon’s first land grant. Take a look as doing so will help to ready you for the reunion.

Do you have Burris roots? If so, be there! And, please share this with any of your Burris cousins! Also, below is a copy of the invitation for this year’s reunion.

Saturday, October 19th …with Friday Night Dinner

The annual Solomon and Judith Taylor Burris Reunion will be held on Saturday,
October 19th at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church with registration and genealogical sharing beginning at 9 AM. A presentation will begin at 10 AM. Pre-registration by October 11th is suggested. A $10 lunch will be provided.

Please bring family updates (dates of births, marriages, death, etc.). You are also encouraged to bring family pictures and stories to display and share. A group picture will be made before lunch. Be sure to come early to enjoy a time for meeting new cousins as well as visiting with those you already know.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the lands first settled by your Burris ancestors? In his effort to reconstruct all the original land grants and other purchases making up southwest Stanly County, descendant George Thomas has dedicated much of the past year documenting the places where Solomon Burris and his family once called home. Come hear a brief update on this time consuming project. Also, George seeks contact with anyone who has knowledge or old land records related to the family. You can reach him at geothos@bellsouth.net or through his blog site at http://www.rockyrivernc.com.

On Friday evening, Oct. 18th, you are invited to meet at 6 PM to share a meal and fellowship at Jay’s Downtowner Restaurant in Albemarle.

Please mail registration and names of those attending to Zelma Eudy at 1506 W. Main St., Albemarle, NC 28001. For questions call 704-982-4319.




Anyone and everyone who knows me, knows that my favorite place in the world is the NC State Archives. 25 years ago who’d have thunk’n that George Thomas was a history wonk! This place changed my game!

This week I purchased a T-Shirt from my favorite place. A fundraiser sponsored by the Friends of Archives, proceeds support new acquisitions and activities not allowable through normal governmental funding streams. I love my shirt and think I’ll get miles of use out of it. Imagine if you will, visiting some far away courthouse or library, looking for records on family far away, all while wearing your NC State Archives T-Shirt. I promise you that you’ll get that special attention like none other. That’s because you’re from a state upstream in the early migration of settlers. Everyone to the south and west of North Carolina are hungry to meet people and learn more about the place where their ancestors once lived. So, wearing an NC State Archives T-Shirt is surely a turn-on. It’s the best way I know of building that much desired conversation on how we all connect. Take time to make your way to Archives the next time you drop by 600 Jones Street. It’s a cool space filled with memories of your past. Buy a T-Shirt!



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