Oh it’s my wish that once things are found they would remain found and be forever true. And, I wish that I could simply accept as gospel what others have researched. But I can’t …I’m a doubting Thomas. I can’t even trust my own self for I’m always finding records contradicting what I once accepted as true.

These findings really are a pain! How do I go about updating and getting the word out when I’ve cast such a wide net? How do I get the word to everyone? I don’t want to spend my time doing that when the fun is in hunting down new leads! But yet I’ve wronged many in the process of trying my best to get it right! Oh, the agony, the pain!!


Today I was going back through past records cross checking them against the familysearch online services. It’s smart and the right thing to do. Within minutes of searching the 1820 census for “James Love” I found something shattering. I haven’t had time to digest this and am not even sure I’ve got it right in my mind. But anyhow, take a look at the following and see if you see what I see:


If not, and if you need a little help, let me give it a try. You see, around 1800, the son of old Grandsire Jimmy Love of Cabarrus removed west to Rutherford County in an area that later became Cleveland County. You can see Charles Love in the above census record. Also seen above, Charles had a son John who later moved to Georgia. And listed below John is Charles’ son James Love who later gave the land for the county seat of what later became Cleveland County NC. This younger James Love’s portrait hangs in watch over Cleveland County board meetings.

Look above Charles Love and you’ll see a passel of Brooks family. You’ll see William who must be the patriarch. There’s also Constant and then Isaac. Are they the same clan as are found in present day Stanly County? Did they move west along with Charles Love and others from the area?

It’s in the name of Isaac Brooks where the earth shakes. You see, and according to the family beliefs of this Cleveland County family, their old William Brooks came from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Okay, so maybe he’s from a different set …easy peasy and we’ll just leave it alone. But, on the following find-a-grave site, take a close look at William’s son Isaac:

His name is Isaac Crayton Brooks …for real!!!??? Note that our Grandsire Jimmy had son Jonah Love who remained in the area of Cabarrus/Stanly County NC. His neighbor to the north was Isaac Crayton and it was William Crayton who was a son-in-law and in partnership at John Reed’s goldmine. William Crayton’s son Isaac sunk the first shaft at the mine in 1833.  Is what I’m thinking possible and what does this tell us?

Beyond the obvious fault line now at the foot of our family tree, there’s the James Love who appears in Campbell County GA along with others who were once living in Cabarrus. That James Love’s DNA matches descendants of old Grandsire Jimmy. We’re pretty sure that James Love who died and left a will in Georgia is the son of old Grandsire being the same James Love Junior who signed a petition to build public buildings in the newly formed Cabarrus County.

Looking at the last will and testament in Campbell County Georgia, who is Mary Brooks? Out of what tree did this Brooks family in Georgia spring?

State of Georgia}
Campbell County}
Georgia, Campbell Co.: In the Name of God Amen. I James Love of the County and State afor Said being of Sound Mind and Memory but Knowing that it is My Last Will Testament in Manner and Form following to Wit
1st I give and bequeath My Sole to god
2nd is My Request to be buried deasent in a decient And Christian like manner
3rd as tuching My Worldly effects I give and bequeath To My beloved Son Ingraham Love one dollar
4th I give and bequeath to My beloved son John Love one dollar
5th I give and bequeath to My beloved son James Love one dollar
6th I give and bequeath to My beloved daughter Mary Brooks one dollar
7th I give and bequeath to My the illegitimate heirs of My beloved daughter Elizabeth McUne One dollar
8th I give And bequeath to My beloved Wife Elizabeth Love And My two Youngest Sons to wit Josiah Love and Joseph Crafford Love the Balance of all I Posess together with all My Interest in the — ————–??? Stated land Lotery of gold Minds (sic) To be Equally divided among them one third to My wife Elizabeth Love and one third to My Son Josiah Perre Love and one third to My Son Joseph Crafford Love
9th I do hereby appoint Stephen James My Executor to execute? and carry out this My last Will And testament into effect in Testimony Whereof I have here unto Set My hand Seal this 26th day of May 1832 in the presence of (the words the legitimate (sic) heirs of was interlined before (Note: name illegible, scratched through) As Wisshed (?) in the 19th line of the 1st page)
s. James (his mark) Love.

Wit. Robert (his mark) Presley,
John Gilbert, JP
Wade Wright, JP

The above surely opens up new possibilities that need to be exercised. I think the earth will shake changing the landscape as we know it. Do the Brooks Family of Cleveland County go easily back to Lancaster County PA as they believe or are they somehow tied into the family of same name along the Rocky River? Oh what a change this may bring about and oh what a painfully good time we’ll have figuring it out. Whether being Crayton, Love or Brooks, I’d love to hear your thoughts on where to place this piece of the puzzle.

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