island map

During late fall of 2018, I mentioned personal plans to begin pushing further east with my platting of lands in western Stanly County. To date, I’ve covered all of present day Locust reaching north, well beyond. And, the lands along Island and Cucumber Creeks, reaching north to Stony Run, are now mostly platted. And also underway, I’ve begun to connect the lands south along Stony Run, moving southwest into present day Oakboro. It’s all starting to come together.

Hopefully, by end of summer, I’ll have completed the arduous task of finding and connecting all of the old pieces of land in southwest Stanly. After the drawing and hand-work is completed, I’ll spend a period of time reformatting the hand drawn images as overlays on top of digitized topography maps. The expected date of completion of the Stanly County phase is Christmas 2019.

In the end it’ll be nice to have a slick and searchable place for folks to locate where their ancestors once lived. That’s my goal and I hope you’ll enjoy using the resource. But, with that being said, I absolutely love the paper. It’s yet another experience to receive information in its touchy feely form unfolding before you with a connectivity allowing you to venture well beyond the confines of the words read in a land record. It’s not the land records that matter, but how they come together and connect with others in illustration of the progression of generations moving about within our ancient community of families.

With that in mind, this morning I sat myself down and made the following videos I hope you’ll enjoy!





  1. David Boger

    I have tremendous respect for what you are doing there…
    I’ve been going through Cabarrus grant and deed records trying to figure out the early Boger line (from 1770 to about 1830).. Even with the grant stuff already being platted and in a book, it’s still tough to sort through all of the deeds and transfers.
    It seems like the early people who moved into the area were very active in buying and selling.
    I’ll be anxious to see your work when you are finished. I’m looking at the Coley family in Stanly and Anson…

  2. geothos Post author

    Thanks much for the response and to let you know, I’ve platted the land of Coley between St. Martin’s Rd and Oakboro in Stanly. They were also further north above 24/27

    1. David Boger

      Nice… That may be Martin Vanburen Coley (or MV)… He was my mother’s grandfather…
      I think she lived on a different area of St Martins Rd growing up….
      Did you see a mention of the Old Freedom Church that is now where Efrid’s Rifle Range is?

  3. John Stevens

    George Thomas you have done a great job! My 3rd great grandfather Joseph Smith had land on Stoney Run Creek near the Smith School on what is now Frog Pond road near St. Martin.


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