Herein is but one of several publicized articles on Uncle William Whitley who is at rest in a family cemetery  near the river on Garmon Mill road.

Monroe Enquirer and Express
Published in the North Carolina Herald, Salisbury NC,
Wednesday, 13 Feb 1889, page one

Dr, E. R. Burris, of Rocky River Springs, Stanly County, was in Monroe this week, and on his way to this place stopped over last Sunday at the residence of his Grandfather, William Whitley, who lives near Locust Level, Stanly County. Mr. Whitley, is, in many respects, a remarkable man, and Dr. Burris gives us some interesting facts and reminiscences in regard to him.

Mr. Whitley claims to be one hundred and fifteen years old, and there is sufficient proof to show that he is at least one hundred and thirteen, and very likely on hundred and fifteen years old. He married, and has a son-in-law, Dr. Burris’ father, who is eighty-five years old, and Mrs. Burris, Mr Whitley’s daughter is only a year or two younger.

He has always been very healthy, and has never had the services of a physician but once in his life, and did not take any medicine. He is still able to walk around the house, and has been doing some work in his garden this winter. His general health is good, but his memory, especially in reference to recent occurrences is a little defective. When asked what his politics were, he replied that he was a whig, and expected to remain one as long as he lived.

He related some interesting reminiscences of his early life, and says he remembers seeing the soldiers going home from the revolutionary war, when he was a small child. Indians, he says were growing up, and wolves and bears were occasionally seen. HE says he has, during his long life, killed one-hundred and fifteen deer. Whitley has a great many descendants living, among them ten or twelve great-great-grandchildren, the oldest of them being about ten years old.

Dr. Burris showed us a pocket book belonging to Mr. Whitley, which was given to him by his father when Mr. Whitley was a small boy. It was then an old book. It is about six inches long and three wide. The sides were made of thine boards of wood, covered with leather. Some very old papers were found in it, which Dr. Burris showed us. Among them was a note, given in 1779, and which, up to date, has not been paid. The following is an exact copy of the note.

State of North Carolina Montgomery County this 19 July 1779 on or Before Chrismus I promus to pay or cause to be paid unto George Whitely or his order the sum of fore punds good and Lawful Money of this State it being for value of him Re’d as witness My hand and seal. THOMAS RIGGSBY. Test John Mainard.

The note was given to Mr. William Whitley’s father. There were also in the book tax receipts for the years 1814, 1816, 1818, and 1820. These receipts were given to William Whitley. The following is a copy of one for 1814: Re’d of William Whitley his tax in full for the year 1814 – I say Re’d by me. K. Pennington.

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