I’ve always wondered about my ggggrandfather Ananias Thomas. I’ve seen his name spelled with one ‘n” and two …Annaias versus Ananias. Also, I’ve seen his name spelled as “Nias” believing this was likely his nickname being the name his friends and family used. I’ve also wondered if he possibly went by the name Elisha Thomas? Doing so would have been a huge boost in tracing down his namesake as there was an Elisha Thomas who lived in Johnston County (beside Wake) and who was born earlier in Bertie or Northampton County. I’ve always wondered if there was a connection.

Also, I’ve wondered about our family’s service in the American Revolution as well as the War of 1812. Did we fight for the new country, were we Tories fighting for the British or did we just hang our heads low in order to avoid the carnage of war?

None of our family appears in unit rolls as serving in the Revolutionary War. However, Ananias’ father Benjamin did receive compensation for goods he provided the soldiers. I think the DAR accepts this as patriotic service though is it really? If we were overseas say natives of Afghanistan, would our providing goods to the American Troops necessarily mean that we supported their cause? Would you not do what you had to do just long enough to get by? I wonder?

I do believe that my Benjamin Thomas’s personal stock was provided as a patriotic gesture, but believing is all I have. There’s no proof.

But as for the War of 1812, a person named “Elisha Thomas” was issued a “pay voucher” in 1815. The document indicates he was a private serving under Capt. [Frederick] Staton. The document as seen at the top of the page was punched indicating it was received by Elisha Thomas.

We know that Frederick Staton owned numerous tracts along Richardson Creek in the area where lived my ancestor Ananias Thomas. And listed below are all those who received pay vouchers for their service under Frederick Staton. And, among those listed are William Morris and William Gurley who we know are Ananias’ neighbors.

So, …was Elisha the same person as my Ananias Thomas? It’s only a guess and there’s no proof other than me saying I think so.

Below is a list of those who served under Capt. Frederick Staton in upper Anson County. It’s known that they rendezvoused at Wadesboro but may not have made the journey to battle in New Orleans as the war was at end. Wouldn’t you like to see their pay vouchers? If so, go to the North Carolina Digital Collection where you can browse through those who served.

John Walden       George Mulder       Mathew Rummage                                Archibald Rushing       Elisha Griffin      Frank Mullis       James Perkins James Dunn       Robert Bagges       Robert Presston       Absalom Stegall
Thomas Ward       William Maness       William Oniel         Alsa Hyatt   Israel Watson        Needham Gurley      William Gurley                      Micajah Taylor       John Brown       William Morris       Jesse Barnett    John Hagles      David Anders       William V. Lewis       Elisha Thomas Jeremiah Welch       John Winchester

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