1907 Map of Union County, N.C. (Calvin M. Miller)


Union County in the state of North Carolina was formed in 1842 from parts of Mecklenburg and Anson Counties.  Below is the act of General Assembly directing the creation of the new county:


An Act to Lay Off and Establish a County by the Name of Union

    Be it enacted by tge General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That a new county, by the name of Union , be, and the same is hereby laid off and established of parts of the counties of Mecklenburg and Anson: Beginning at the corner of Anson and Mecklenburg, on the South Carolina Line, eleven miles; then east of a parallel of the county line, so that it shall be thirteen miles east of the Cabarrus corner, on Rocky River; thence up the various courses of Rocky River to the corner of Anson and Mecklenburg; thence with the meanders of the creek. To the South Carolina Line; then with the South Carolina to the beginning; which shall have all the powers, authorities and immunities of other counties in the State.


[Ratified the 19th day of December, A. D. 1842.]

This last week, while looking through Anson County Deed books, I came across the following report which was recorded 1843 in deed book 11 on page 114.  Rarely do you find such descriptions for the running of a county line, but here it is, a report on the running of the county line dividing present day Anson and Union Counties: And at the bottom,  is a copy of the same report appearing in the Feb 18, 1909 issue of the Wadesboro Messenger and Intelligencer. I guess in 1909 the people at the local newspaper thought this to be newsworthy.

Report of County Line between Union and Anson

State of North Carolina
Anson County

Pursuant to an order of the Worshipful County Court of said county appointing us the undersigned commissioners appointed by the act of Assembly to run and mark the dividing line between the county of Anson and Union agreeable to the said at and to report to the said court 1843. In pursuance of said order we the undersigned proceeded to run and mark said line on the 20th of April 1843 at which time we met with said commissioners at or near the state line said commissioners as aforesaid having run and measured the state line the distance directed by law with sworn and impartial chains we therefore report as follows # Beginning at a stake in the South Carolina line 35 yds west of the western bent of Millers Spring Branch where said bent approaches near the state line and near the No. edge of an old field ten post oaks 1 willow oaks & 3 small pines pointers and runs No. 3 degrees 5 1/3 minutes East 26 miles 19 chns. To a stake in the bank of Rocky River at a place called the old Wading Ford five chains and thirty links above the Cool Spring which said spring rises at the foot of a Great Bluff near where the said bluff joins the river two ashes birch mulberry and ironwood pointers and opposite Julius Hill’s plantation. The following are the distance to the noted places or objects on the said line beginning at the corner in the state line and runs No. 3-5-28 Est. one mile and 18 chas to the Wadesboro Road 3 miles & ten chains to Brown Creek just below the road to Wm Wimberly’s 5 miles 10 chains to Sanderford Road 6 miles 33 chns & 50 links to Cheraw Road 11 ½ miles to Lanes Creek crossing said creek at an old fish dam in the north part of the Great Bend below Hasty’s Mill 3 miles and 5 chains to the Charlotte Road about 32 yards west of a broad hollow 14 miles 15 chains to the Goldmine Road 18 Miles and 40 chains to the Jumping Road twenty two miles and five chains to the Burnsville Road passing through William Davis’ chimney and his spring 22 miles & 30 chains to Richardson Creek 23 miles 42 chains to the Burnsville Road 24 miles & 50 chains to William Hill’s house passing 80 yards east of said Hill’s spring total distance 26 Miles 19 Chains to the corner of the Rocky River & all of which we report to the Worshipful Court under our hands this 11 day of July 1843.
North Carolina Anson County October Term 1843 then the foregoing report was returned in open court and ordered to be recorded and registered.

{ Allen Carpenter SR.
{ George Durrin
                                               Wm. Wilson}
                                                S. P Stewart}       Commissioners
                                                    J. A. Dunn}        for
James Marsh}       Union

                                      M W Cuthbertson}

ND Boggan Clk.

anson line


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