Today we failed  to locate a cemetery near the old home place of Annis Nance Thomas.  Not sure what to think and what can be done at this point; Annie Lee and I walked it, Ms Emma verbally validated it, but I’m thinking it must be gone. But the day was not at all a wash!  I remembered seeing a cool old shack on Jerusalem Church Road and remember Annie Lee pointing out a field where once stood the home of Jacob and Hester Holly Thomas.  We drove to the area where we came across Tommy Turner working in his yard.  Tommy knew nothing of the old home place …I’m thinking it was a bit further down the road.  He did though show us the way to an ancient cemetery on his father Reece Turner’s land. It’s a place I had never heard about!

We walked our way to the back end of the property to a stand of trees on a hill that rises over either Little Watery or Flag Fork Branch. It’s been rainy to say the least and surprisingly …we made it with shoes in tact!  Here it is, take a look:

There are some uniquely beautiful old markers at the cemetery and I’m sure its location will play into future mapping plans.  I photographed what I saw and may need to go back to look more closely. Click here to see the stones.

It’s great to see such old places. We need more people like Mr Turner who care for these ancient sites. Their doing so enables us to rediscover the stories of our past. …Thank you Mr Turner!


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