We have believed for many years that James Love who left a last will and testament in Campbell County Georgia is the son of Grandsire James Love who settled in early Cabarrus County NC. Proof of this is found in an undated petition to construct public buildings in Concord, the county seat of the newly formed Cabarrus County. The petition dated roughly 1794 was signed by both James Love Senr and James Love Junior. Beyond this proof, naming patterns for James Love Junior’s family includes a son Ingraham Love in honor of his mother, Mary Ingram Love. There are other hints including the documentation of neighbors in Georgia who had also been neighbors in North Carolina.

Having just turned a new page in my life, I’ve spent the afternoon enjoying a subscription to, a retirement gift from my wife Christina. My very first discovery using this new tool can be found in the following legal advertisement.

clipping_9467392 11 Oct 1825 western carolinian



  1. scott love

    Hello, Very interesting , I live less than a mile from Loves Chapel , Thanks for keeping the history alive. Scott Love Great Grandson of Elam , Son of Archie Love , Scott Love

    1. geothos Post author

      Thanks Scott and to let you know, I’ve got the deed in Union County and need to plat my way into making it fit the big puzzle I’m working on. Making the connections may happen this summer or in a few years. But thanks and hope to see it in print some day! The Love family is so very interesting and to know there are still some huge gaps in what w know and what may have happened back in time. For instance, the 1850 or 60 census of Union County has a LOVE named who in the census was born in Wilkes County NC. Wilkes? …that’s where Jonah’s older brother John lived and died! I’m wondering if this Love from Wilkes was in the area following the estate of old James or for some reason reconnecting with family. It’s all interesting.

  2. scott love

    I am trying to locate the property lines of Jonah Askew Love and the exact spot of his plantation house .I know it sat SW of Loves Chapel 1/2 way between the church and Cedar Hill School.

  3. geothos Post author

    Scott, take a look at:
    Jonah’s largest tract (not a grant but a purchase) is the largest one on the page in the upper left of the platting. Note that Michael W. Garmon lived and had land just south west of the tract. Michael W. Garmon’s land boundaries are still easily visible on today’s topo and tax maps. He moved to Mississippi with his wife Sarah Marie Pope. This is not the father of Jonah’s wife but the son of a brother I think. The Tuckers and others had land below Jonah towards the river. Jonah did receive grants and other lands west over towards Grove.


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